Aug 31, 2011

offically a senior!

what i wore:
button up white tank crop top - urban outfitters
black floral body con skirt: H&M
silver cuffs: H&M
black cross necklace: forever 21
cherry eclectic doc martens  
Well senior year is finally here and I already want it to be over with haha, hopefully tomorrow is a better day when I change around some of my classes. 
the two pictures with the striped red shirt is what I wore after for cross country. wompwomp school and running right after. 
Well I hope everyone had a great day! (:

p.s yes i did redye my hair, I've been wanting to do something different with my hair so i dyed most of hair blue but some parts came out green which gave it a cool look :D I like to say I'm a mermaid LOL. and yeah that's a random picture of my cat that i took today lol

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