Aug 30, 2012

OOTD: 8/30/12

what i wore: mint v-neck - Urban Outfitters// leather shorts - H&M// vans - sneakers. 

Still getting settled into the college life, so far it's been okay! sorry for slow posts...later days ~

Aug 27, 2012

All Moved In ! ~

 what i wore: black and taupe tunic - forever21//highwaisted shorts - Nava Thrift// vans - shoes ( not shown)

I've finally moved into my dorm and going through this fall welcome for another day, then wednesday i start classes! I'm super excited and cannot wait to begin! and yes that's my small dorm room behind me lol. I'm such a simple person and i don't like clutter rooms filled with decorations so my room is pretty boring and simple, but i love it!.  Below are some photos of the view from my room and my room ~ enjoy!

Aug 24, 2012

OOTD: 08/24/12

what i wore: burgundy cropped top - American Apparel// leather shirts - H&M// shoes - vans ( not shows)

today i went out with a couple of my friends that i wanted to see before i left on Sunday! it was a lot of fun and ate a lot (which i love) haha. I'm going to miss my friends so much :'(

Aug 20, 2012

Update ~

what i wore: ombre tank - H&M//jeans - f21//sneakers-vans.

This isn't really an outfit post because for the past couple days since i came back from New York i've been really casual with what i've been wearing because i've just been dorm shopping and getting ready to venture off for my freshmen year of college! woop! this is just a post letting you all know i'm not dead and not neglecting my blog! :) 

Aug 7, 2012

NYC Day 4 - Thursday

what i wore: black and brown stripped tank - american apparel//high waisted jeans - f21// black vans - sneakers.

thursday was our last day in NYC, and my cousin and i had to take the train alone, which was hilarious because we got lost and had to find our way to the bus station in 30mins, and we did thanks to a kind woman that was going to the same place! thank God, it was a lot of fun but nerve wrecking haha. overall my trip to NYC was a lot of fun and I want to visit again soon before i go off to college!

Aug 6, 2012

NYC Day 3 - Wednesday

what i wore: slip dress and burnt orange tank  - H&M//black vans - sneakers.

i didn't really take an outfit post on Wednesday sorry about that, we went to Manhattan again then went to Queens shopping mall which was huge! it was kind of rainy and cloudy but nonetheless fun!

Aug 5, 2012

NYC Day 2 - Tuesday

what i wore: striped red and white crop top - UO//leather shorts - H&M//white button up - F21//belt- vintage//lace loafers - F21.

Day 2 we went to Manhattan and went to Union Square which was a lot of fun then did a little shopping, by the end of the day my feet were killing me! it was kind of chilly so i wore the white button up over the cropped top! it was a really fun day though. :)

Aug 4, 2012

NYC Day 1 - Monday

what i wore: Coachella 2012 shirt - Coachella// high-waisted shorts - Nava Thrift Store// hat - H&M// bag - Urban Outfitters//White Canvas Converses ( not shown). 

This is what i wore to New York on Monday we got there in the afternoon and went to Grand Army Plaza, then to eat Brooklyn style pizza! yum!

Aug 3, 2012

NYC trip recap !

Monday through Thursday my cousin and I took a little trip to New York City ! It was a lot of fun to visit my family that live there and it was a great time. throughout a couple days i will be posting outfit posts of what i wore for those 4 days :) i hope you enjoy these photos of my time spent in NYC.