Sep 28, 2011

running sneakers ?!

What I wore:
white tank - forever 21
high waisted shorts - Nava thrift shop
blue and white cardigan - Urban Outfitters
my running sneakers lol

Today was a good day I guess you could say, the seniors had to wear our school colors for our senior picture thing. I didn't feel like wearing boots like i usually do so i wore my cross country sneakers. I was very comfortable today. After school me and my biology "cabinet" partners worked on our biome project and then because I'm in the national honor society I had to stay even later for our school's open house, pretty busy day. How was your day?

Sep 26, 2011

Bandeau's in Fall

what i wore
black and white striped bandeau - UO
chiffon shirt - H&M
corduroy high waisted shorts - F21
brown boots (not shown) - F21

Played around with editing, I think it looks "cool" lol. Well today was a good day, had a long talk with (my Twin for life, guy version of myself, best friend of all time LOL) today. Well that's all. 
How are you all doing ?

Sep 22, 2011

New Purchases 1.0

A few purchases I've made.
What I bought
Boots - H&M
Basic Green Sweater - H&M
Tweed pant - Forever 21 
sorry I haven't been posting a lot, I'm just really busy but tomorrow I'll have a post for you all. Good Day ! (:

Sep 9, 2011

Wooden cross and studded Denim

what i wore:
Denim vest - thrift
green v-neck - the weekend
black harem pants - H&M
brown belt- forever 21
wooden cross necklace - forever 21
black oxfords - Berks

Well, Hello there! 
the sun finally came out from an almost entire week of rain and clouds so I decided to get a little dressed up in a bummy way haha. I had good day I would say. I'm excited because the blue in my hair that you all can never tell is there is turning green(the original color i wanted) so now I'm even more excited about my hair and it's growing really fast making me even more happier lol.

Sep 2, 2011

striped pink

what i wore:
striped peach and blue button up - heritage
pink shorts - forever 21
burnt brown loafers - urban outfitters
brown belt - forever 21
red bag - urban outfitters
fox tail - H&M
Why hello there, how are you all doing? 
well I'm doing pretty good. Today I ran 1.37 miles for cross country without stopping, I know it doesn't seem like anything but for me it was because I'm the laziest person you will ever meet haha, I felt really good that I didn't stop and I kept going!. You can also see my green and blue hair better in some of these pictures yay yay! :D