Jun 30, 2011


I am currently  dying for a bucket bag or pouch bag, a denim vest(which i should be getting soon) and these dr. martens. they are just heavenly! 
i need all three of these in my life!

Jun 26, 2011

Turbands :D

Spent most of my day just relaxing, but i decided to try and make one of those turbands out of an old scarf and it came out pretty well if you ask me! (:
what did you all do today? 

Jun 24, 2011

New Medium

button up: forever 21 , shorts: forever21

From what I can remember that day was a good one. 

First Post!

hello there, my name is Alaina 
this is my first post to this blogspot. 
so i guess i am just going to tell you what i plan to do on here. I plan to post pictures and blog on fashion and my daily life, basically a fashion blog. So stick around lovies(: