May 31, 2012

5/31/12 - OOTD

what i wore: floral top and belt - forever 21// black bralette - miss selfridge// high waisted shorts - Nava//socks and rings - H&M//vans.

Here is what i wore to my official last day of my high school career...too bad i have to go tomorrow and monday to finish cleaning my locker and getting my clearance sheet signed! woop ~ sad... at least tomorrow begins my favorite month! June aka the month of my birth! 17 more days of right now// 16 more days tomorrow. I'm going to be legal woop woop ~

May 30, 2012

5/30/12 - OOTD ~

what i wore: coachella'12 tee- coachella'12//animal print shorts and belt - forever 21//boots - steve madden. 

See, i kept to my word of posting for this week lol. well yeah heres what i wore for my second to last day of my high school career, tomorrow is my official last day but i'm most likely going to go friday to finish some stuff so yep!

May 29, 2012

With the sun on my back it's a nice day ~

 what i wore: two-toned tunic - forever 21//sunglasses, choker- h&m//boots - steve madden//belt(not shown) - forever 21.

Today was my schools awards ceremony and this is what i wore, i truly cannot believe my time in high school is coming to an end! wow, time sure does fly by ~ i cannot believe this is going to be my last week in high school, it still hasn't hit me, so crazy. oh man! i hope everyone is having a great week. I am going to try and post more on here, but i post more on my tumblr,twitter, gifboom, and instagram so follow if you would like ~

twitter: lainaesiom
instagram: a_quean
gifboom: a_quean

p.s. look at my cool new iphone case ~ woop ~ , also random weird faces i make all the time ! also if you didn't know my hair is dyed green at the tips, its more of a teal but it doesn't show it that well in pictures lol ~

May 13, 2012

Prom 2K12 ~

What I wore: cropped cutout top - miss selfridge// black petticoat- American Apparel// chiffon high low skirt- forever 21//choker - H&M//shoes-  Jeffrey Campbell Litas. 

My prom was on Friday May 11th, 2012, and it was pretty great! I had so much fun with all of my friends, i literally danced all night lol, then went to this "after party" which wasn't all that great but still had fun! this weekend has been so much fun, i've stayed out past three went to two parties, did random stuff. it has just been great!