Jul 20, 2011

India Point

What I am wearing: H&M: denim jacket, H&M: pants, F21: lace tank, f21: sandals (but changed into docs to skate),f21: wooden cross necklace. 

Well today was a pretty interesting/fun day. I went out to eat with the losers in these pictures and my other cousin on Thayer street, then to India Point Park where I longboarded for a little and went into the playground and we played lol. It was fun. I hit my car twice (i'm a good driver I just make mistakes like everyone else lol) but today was a good day(: 
how was your day? 

Jul 19, 2011

What a great day to Longboard!

what I am wearing: UO: striped tank, H&M skinny jeans, gray, black, and white converses.
Don't mind the loser faces I am making. lol
Well today was pretty much a chill day as you can tell from my attire, it was really hot! (just how I like it) I went out longboarding with my friend Noelia it was loads of fun!! while carving a hill I fell off my board but I didn't get any scrapes and bruises which is good but I wish I did so I could show you all lol. And look at my cute kitty Milo<3 Well I had a really lovely day! how was your day? Do any of you Longboard?

Jul 13, 2011

My nose hurts!

I'm just going to rant about my day lol
So this morning while I was getting ready for my Intro to Psychology class my cat was playing with my eos lip balm(very good by the way) and i swatted him away from it and he like moved over and tipped my tripod over and it fell on me and cut my nose (as you can see in the pictures above) 
so now I am like obsessed with taking close ups of my face with this cut on my nose haha, it's such a little cut but ohgosh it hurts like crazy! well I didn't do much today just listened to music and tumbled on tumblr lol exciting!

what I am wearing: crop top sweater - H&M, floral shorts - F21, cherry red eclectic dr martens. I also made that friendship bracelet in the last picture! :D

Jul 9, 2011

What a lovely day!

what i am wearing: f21 boyfriend cardigan, floral dress(i forgot from where), eclectic cherry red dr martens, f21 bag, hm sunglasses, f21 wooden cross.

so this is what i am wearing for today, it is a very nice day out today! very sunny and beautiful and i am very happy that i finally got my eclectic dr martens, and i also got my denim vest but i have to get it taken in a little to fit me properly but i love it still!
how is your day going?