Jul 19, 2011

What a great day to Longboard!

what I am wearing: UO: striped tank, H&M skinny jeans, gray, black, and white converses.
Don't mind the loser faces I am making. lol
Well today was pretty much a chill day as you can tell from my attire, it was really hot! (just how I like it) I went out longboarding with my friend Noelia it was loads of fun!! while carving a hill I fell off my board but I didn't get any scrapes and bruises which is good but I wish I did so I could show you all lol. And look at my cute kitty Milo<3 Well I had a really lovely day! how was your day? Do any of you Longboard?


  1. I like your hair and your cat!!!!

  2. really love your tanktop & your hair omg it's awesome! xx

  3. Cute! I love cats. :) And you look great honey. Keep it up with you blog and thanks for sharing.Best wishes ♫

    Midnight Couture Girls

  4. @ Jana and Vanessa - thank you (:

  5. Hi,You have a great fun with the kitty,:D but I cannot join your blog,kind of confused,really love your blog,so much happiness there,hope you check mine...