Jun 18, 2012

18th Birthday Meal ~

what i wore: neon pink dress, rings - H&M//leather jacket - forever 21//jeffery campbell Litas//UO leather bag. 

yesterday was my 18th birthday and this is what i wore to go out to my 18th meal! i had a lot of fun and i had a really nice time with a couple of my close friends, but my 18th celebration isn't really over yet haha i have much more to do to celebrate turning into an adult! woop!

Jun 14, 2012

New Purchases 1.2

Things I've recently bought ! 

1. navy rainboots - UO// Tan leather bag - UO//Lace loafers - Forever 21. 
2. red striped cutout bralette - UO// american flag shorts - Forever 21// eye ring- H&M
3. neon pink dress - H&M
4. Black Floppy Hat and Black Bowler Hat - H&M

and the sun finally started shining again so there's a picture of outside lol. yay !
three more days until my 18th birthday! i'll definitely be doing a post for that and if you want to keep with my constant photo updates follow my instagram: a_quean

Jun 7, 2012

OOTD- 6/07/12

what i wore: coachella tee-coachella//skirt-American Apparel//cardigan-Urban Outfitters//boots- forever21

sorry about the crappy quality of this picture i used my isight, my camera isn't with me at the moment. i went shopping a little today and out to eat breakfast with my cousin and couple friends, it was a nice day if i must say, seeing as it was my first day of summer and after graduating last night. official college student! woop ! ~

Jun 1, 2012


what i wore: cropped top - American Apparel//corduroy shorts - Forever 21//black converses.

Today is the beginning of the best month ! ... JUNE ! my birth month so yeah this is what i wore today ~ i had a really good day. i made keychains for people and went to this jewelry party it was a  good day ~ how was yours?