Sep 9, 2011

Wooden cross and studded Denim

what i wore:
Denim vest - thrift
green v-neck - the weekend
black harem pants - H&M
brown belt- forever 21
wooden cross necklace - forever 21
black oxfords - Berks

Well, Hello there! 
the sun finally came out from an almost entire week of rain and clouds so I decided to get a little dressed up in a bummy way haha. I had good day I would say. I'm excited because the blue in my hair that you all can never tell is there is turning green(the original color i wanted) so now I'm even more excited about my hair and it's growing really fast making me even more happier lol.


  1. I love this studded vest :D

  2. Love the cross and brogues, fab outfit combo! Hope you visit back :)
    Izzy xo