Aug 29, 2011

Back to School Haul: photo diary

hello there, so here is some of the things I bought for back to school. I forgot I had another bag of clothes that I bought so I'll most likely add those in later. 
things I bought (top to bottom)
- turquoise green blazer: Heritage 81
- blue trousers: H&M / chino type pants: Forever 21
- Floral black body con skirt: H&M / Burgundy Maxi Skirt: Forever 21
- white button up crop tank top: Urban Outfitters
- peach and navy striped shirt: Heritage 81
- swan crop top: H&M
- floral chiffon top: Forever 21
- burnt brown tassel loafers: Urban Outfitters
- red bag: Urban Outfitters / foxtail: H&M / silver cuffs: H&M
- nude pink cardigan: Old Navy -not shown
-black harem pants: weekend - not shown
-two sweaters: goodwill - not shown
- plain vnecks( green, navy blue, and white) - not shown
and that's basically all that I got. 
my bag has already packed and ready for "my first last day of high school" since last week friday haha, i don't start until this Wednesday. So I'm super excited as you can tell. My next post will probably be of me on the first day of my last day of high school (:
well, Happy Days (:


  1. this is all so amazing, LOVE the loafers :)

    xo Camilla

  2. Wow I love EVERYTHING nice job! xx

  3. @ Camilla - thank you (:

    @Remi - thank you(: