Aug 9, 2011

Dream Catcher

dream catcher sweatshirt- forever 21
high waisted gap cut off shorts - thrifted
brown boots - forever 21
brown belt- thrifted
Hello There, I felt bad for not putting any outfit posts up for a while besides that update post. Well here is what I wore today! Today was my second to last intro to psychology class (sad) and this is what I wore, tomorrow's my last day. I'm kind of sad to not keep going with it because i'm only a senior in high school and i'll have to wait until next year but it's fine. 3 more weeks until my senior year starts! I'm happy to get it over with but i'm also going to miss it a lot. 
I'll have another post this week maybe saturday a photo diary of the college tours I'll be going on this friday, so look out for that! and have a great rest of your week(:


  1. The shorts look really good on you!
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