Feb 22, 2013

And I was your silver lining.

what i wore: white tank,cardigan,& zodiac watch- Urban Outfitters//corduroy jeans& rings - H&M// Chelsea Boot - Target.

hello there, if you couldn't tell i changed up my blog a little bit! i added some pictures and fixed some things i didn't like and at the moment i am pretty content with it. 
lately, i've been listening to a few of my old favorite songs from 2007 like 'Hands On Me' by Vanessa Carlton and 'Silver Lining' by Rilo Kiley! if you've never listened to these songs i am recommending them to you because they're literal perfection and timeless! well i hope you're having a good start to your weekend, i on the other hand have to rewrite an essay and do other writing things which sucks, but i want to get them out of the way so i can have some relaxing time this weekend! well later days guys ~

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