Jan 9, 2012

April Come Faster

what i wore: cropped funnel neck sweater- urban outfitters//acid wash jeans-H&M//suede tan vans//green anorak - heritage.

OMG, so I am super excited because the Coachella Lineup came out today and OMG everyone I love is going and.....SO AM I!!! ahh I am so excited. I am so glad i took the risk of not knowing the lineup and still go for getting the ticket! i cannot wait until April ahhh week one here I come!:D


  1. I love your jacket! I am so jealous that you're going to coachella, I always wanted to go but my parents would never let me skip school and now I go to school on the East Coast so it would be far too complicated. I didn't know you could buy before the line-up was up. That was super smart, they sold out quickly.

  2. what a fabulous look. that jacket is fabulous! you're so young and adorable. love your looks, and enjoyed browsing your blog. :) i have a new follower on both google and bloglovin, and i'd be honored you connect with me on both. :) cheers and have a great day!