Dec 29, 2011

New Purchases 1.1

Well hello there, here are a few things i got for christmas and purchased myself. 
the first two pictures were gifts for christmas, i didn't get much this year besides gift cards and money which i don't mind at all. lol
Christmas Gifts 
- Adventure Time is one of my favorite cartoons at the moment so when i opened this from my brother i was very excited! and i love DVDs so that made me even more happy to stay on my butt all day lol.
- i needed a new blowdryer with a diffuser attachment so i was super excited to get that.
- i wanted Vans, but i got the wrong ones so i returned them and got the Vans that is the second to last picture lol. 
purchases made today 
- funnel neck cropped top - urban outfitters
- kimichi blue wallet - urban outfitters
so i wanted to buy something today with my christmas money but i'm kind of a saver so i decided to just buy two things which were on sale so it was a good $20 spent.

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